The Patient Diaries and The Pharmacist Diaries

Apologies for being MIA, I’ve literally been running from one pharmacy to another, to the point I really need to think about investing in a pair of ugly work shoes because my feet feel 100 years old.

But but but, I have been working behind the scenes coming up with new content/concepts. So I thought I would give you a heads up as to what they are actually about. The Patient Diaries is a platform where patients can anonymously share information about living with their condition and managing it, and their experiences with pharmacy. It’s all about raising awareness of the conditions, for not only the public but also pharmacy healthcare professionals to introspect if they can improve the level of care they are currently giving to their patients.

Moving forward, The Pharmacist Diaries is a platform whereby Pharmacists in different roles can anonymously give an insight into what their role entails, and inspire others. Given that the role of Pharmacists is ever-changing, this would be a good for someone who is considering to study Pharmacy to see what roles there are currently out there and for those who are considering a change in career as a pharmacist. As I am writing this, I’ve literally just thought pharmacists can also share their pits and peaks of their day to day life anonymously. That would be a pretty cool concept I think…

Regardless, give me feedback on what you think; good or bad. I just wanted to say a massive thank you to everyone who is participating in these interviews, this would not have been able to happen without you. I am so so thankful. Lastly, if you’re reading this and you have something you would like to share, contact me and let me know!

The Pintsized Pharmacist

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